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Re: [mosquitto-dev] topic alias

HI Roberto,

Your question seems independent on mosquitto, so better at!forum/mqtt than at this place. And
the answer might be "depends on the scale".

Although, I'd like to consider a little and have a few questions.

- The broker is only one at the central raspberry and node-red as
mqtt-client is at every raspberry. Right?
- Why non-central raspberries must know the other raspberries' gpios?
  (I think only the central must know and it produces the message of
order to the others in need.)
- How many raspberries must be managed?
- How often are the messages produced?


2018-01-02 7:18 GMT+09:00 Roberto Previdi <hariseldon78@xxxxxxxxx>:
> Hello and happy new year to everybody. I am using mosquitto in a home
> automation project, connecting multiple raspberry and controlling them from
> a central one using node-red.
> Every raspberry produce or receive messages from/to his gpio ports with this
> mqtt topics:
> hostname/gpiox
> with minor variations. When i receive the messages in the central node-red i
> use them to automate various stuff. The problem is that my automation logic
> become cluttered with this topics that indicate not what is connected to it
> but which raspberry and gpio port.
> One solution to this problem could be to rename all the topics in the
> raspberrys to represent what is connected to it, but i don't really like
> that because
> a) i would lose the indication of where it is connected, which is really
> useful in case of problems, and
> b) that would mean continuously editing the many raspberry node-reds when i
> connect something new or change a port or stuff like that.
> A better solution would be to use topic forwarding, for example subscribing
> to the topic raspberry-a/gpio12 and forwarding every message to
> aquarium/moon-light. That would allow to have automation logic independent
> from the locations of the devices, but also keep that information for when
> it's needed.
> My worry is: how big is the performance penalty of having all topics
> subscribed and republished with different topics in mosquitto? keep in mind
> that the raspberry pi it's not the fastest machine around...
> Is there a better way to have this kind of topic aliasing?
> --
> Roberto Previdi
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