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[mosquitto-dev] [M2I] Mosquitto build with mingw

Hello I'm a developer of M2I Corp. in Korea.


I need your support now.


I try to build the open source Mosquitto with Mingw(x86) on Windows7.

But... I think those source files are not for cross-compile in GCC.

I want... It was my mistake.


Please could you teach me how can I build it?


Thank you.





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) (430-857) 경기 안양시 만안구 전파로24번길 35-11(안양동) 엠투아이빌딩

) (430-857) 경기 안양시 만안구 안양7 196-38 엠투아이빌딩

직통. 070-4044-3628  Fax. 031-465-3355  E-mail: shlee@xxxxxxxxx


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