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[mosquitto-dev] Determine client ID from DB

we switched our clients from cleansession=false to true, but a topic still seems to store max_queued_messages, we verified with mosquitto_db_dump. 

Is there a way to determine the client_id that was used to subscribe to this topic ? From the db dump, only the "Source ID" client_id is recognizable, which corresponds to the publisher not the subscriber, I presume client_ids of the subscribers are there somewhere, to be used by the broker to give subscribers the data on reconnection.

More info about our setup:
A "server" reads publishes by multiple "clients" in multiple topics. A special topic (the one in question) is named "keepalive"; and all clients suscribe to it. the "server" publishes timestamps there, and those timestamps are received the remote clients and used to throttle or stop their own publishes to other topics in case the server goes down to avoid filling up max_queued_messages.

Best Regards,

Spiros Ioannou 
Technical Manager, IT/SM

M: +30 6973-903808
W: +30 210-6802-358

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