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Re: [mosquitto-dev] A non-centralize Mosquitto cluster design.

I guess creating cluster features by extending current bridge is a good idea.
See also:

Could you show the outcome by some performance benchmarks if you already had?

If the outcome is effective, worth to proceed.
Then you should make a plan to divide the whole creation into some
steps and make each PR in order to accept by committers step by step.
Because your creation is too huge to confirm the properly.
The core features of broadcasting SUB and Traffic cycle avoidance as
extending bridge may be the first PR. Further performance improvement
and supporting persistence inter clustering nodes are may be laters.


2017-12-02 0:30 GMT+09:00 詹建辉 <hui6075@xxxxxxx>:
> Hi all,
>   I am try to renovation my MQTT cluster which use Mosquitto as the broker,
> our Subscriber and Publisher are intelligent household electrical appliances
> and Mobile phones, the actual scenario is that each appliances subscribe
> some topics after network configuration as Subscriber, and almost no longger
> subscriber for new topics. As Publisher, the appliances may report its
> status each several minutes.
> I have deployed two cluster schemes,
> 1. use Mosquitto bridge. But the bridge often crash due to heavy traffic;
> 2. each appliance push message to a webserver, and the webserver broadcast
> the PUBLISH messages to each nodes in the cluster, this is also not a good
> cluster design.
>   So I am thinking for a new kind of Mosquitto cluster architecture, which
> is non-centralization, means there is no leader node inside the cluster.
>   Attached is the architecture design presentation and implemented code,
> could you give me some advise?
> P.S my codes are wrapped with #ifdef WITH_EPOLL_V2 and #ifdef WITH_CLUSTER,
> currently only implement on raw MQTT, I means without websockets and
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