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Re: [mosquitto-dev] [RSMB] Strange memory behavior

Hi Mohamed,

yes RSMB does have that behaviour - the read buffer is increased to the size needed to read in that message, but never reduced.  You could raise an issue if it's something you'd like fixed.

I assume that you are using RSMB for MQTT-SN?  We have a newly contributed MQTT-SN gateway which is currently undergoing testing.  Perhaps that would be a good replacement?


On 10/09/2016 11:02 PM, Mohamed HAMZAOUI wrote:
Dear all,

RSMB lead to be small broker but I have use RSMB to publish a "big" binary message (100MB) and the memory increases when the message was sent and no longer descends. Looks like the memory allocated for the message transfer was not as deallocated. The behavior is not cumulative: if published after the big message any other smaller message, memory size does not change but if we try to publish bigger one, the memory increases and do not fall. RSMB keeps memory allocated equal to the size of the largest forwarded message. 
Is this normal ? (Mosquitto don't have this strange behavior)


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