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[mosquitto-dev] Set Mosquitto Config Not Working On WIndows

Hi All,


Issue: Running Mosquitto along with our custom mosquitto config file.


We want to run Mosquitto as a service along with our desired Configuration(mosquitto.conf).


I tested on Windows(Win 7) and found it doesn’t accept changes I did in mosquitto.conf file. (e.g., port 8883)

But found that irrespective of the changes, mosquitto always runs on default port(1883) and settings.


Following is what I tried:

# sc start mosquitto.                                                       è (I assumed that it should read overridden settings from mosquitto.conf in one go)

#sc start mosquitto –c <mosquitto.conf>              è (Also tried to supply modified mosquitto.conf in args)



As shown above, the mosquitto process(9768) is running on port 1883 and not on 8883.


Could you guys please share your thoughts on this, or the standard way to achieve the same.

PS: If I run mosquitto as a daemon process “mosquitto –c <mosquitto.conf> -v “, it works like a charm but this is not what is intended at the moment.

       Finally my goal is to run mosquitto svc along with mosquitto.conf which contains ssl settings.



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