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Re: [mosquitto-dev] Official Docker Image

Hello David, Jan-Piet, List

a good idea. Maybe look around and learn from the errors others have done. I made a docker image for myself a while ago which is used a bit. I thought about moving to alpine or similar. First of all It's useful to expose volumes so they can easily extended. For example exposing the configuration enables it to be very flexible and even certificates for TLS can be handled in that way easily.

By the way, I had different pull requests, especially is interesting as it made mosquitto to respond to signals. So feel free to look into the repository and maybe steal something.


On 07/20/2016 11:57 PM, Audet, David M wrote:


We are using Mosquitto and starting to use Docker for containerization of our product. After looking on Docker Hub, I have found a number of unofficial images that have been created on various base OS images.

I would like to propose that a Dockerfile is created such that a new Docker image can be built and pushed to Docker Hub, so that there is an official Docker image available to the wider community.

For instance I have created a Dockerfile to install Mosquitto 1.4.8 on top of a minimal Alpine Linux Docker image:

FROM alpine:latest

LABEL Description="Mosquitto MQTT Broker"


# Based on:



# Install the latest mosquitto from the pkg repo

RUN apk --no-cache --update add mosquitto && \

    rm -rf /var/cache/apk/*


COPY mosquitto.conf /etc/mosquitto


ENTRYPOINT ["/usr/sbin/mosquitto", "-c", "/etc/mosquitto/mosquitto.conf"]


Is it possible to do this or something similar such that when a new version of Mosquitto is built, a new Docker image is pushed to the official Docker Hub registry?




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