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Re: [mosquitto-dev] (no subject)

Hi Johan,

Please check out section of the MQTT specification:

The important points are:
  "It is the responsibility of the Client to ensure that the interval between Control Packets being sent does not exceed the Keep Alive value. In the absence of sending any other Control Packets, the Client MUST send a PINGREQ Packet "

 "If the Keep Alive value is non-zero and the Server does not receive a Control Packet from the Client within one and a half times the Keep Alive time period, it MUST disconnect the Network Connection to the Client as if the network had failed "

 "If a Client does not receive a PINGRESP Packet within a reasonable amount of time after it has sent a PINGREQ, it SHOULD close the Network Connection to the Server. "

Mike Tran

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Date:        07/13/2016 08:50 AM
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Am I correct in thinking the maximum time for a connection break to be noticed is 2.5 * keepalive? That is, if the connection breaks right after a PINGRESP, it'll wait keepalive seconds to send out a new PINGREQ, and it'll allow for the server keepalive * 1.5 seconds to send its PINGRESP?

Johan de Vries
Wivion bv
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