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Re: [mosquitto-dev] [mqtt] Re: RSMB now on GitHub

[removing the main MQTT mailing list]

I agree that a plugin, or way of making Mosquitto more modular would be good.

The main thing that I was waiting for/blocking was the re-write of the Mosquitto events system/model:


On 2016-07-07 14:08, Ian Craggs wrote:
I'm not sure what Roger's current plans are for MQTT-SN - I'll check
with him.  I am definitely interested in bringing RSMB fixes back into
the Eclipse project so that the project code there is the best and
definitive.  I had only held off because I thought that MQTT-SN
support in Mosquitto was "imminent", I didn't want to step on Roger's
toes, and a MQTT-SN gateway working alongside Mosquitto seemed like a
reasonable approach.

My other thought is if there was a way for me to add MQTT-SN support
into Mosquitto as a completely separate module internally, but it
looks integrated, like a plugin.


On Thursday, 7 July 2016 13:28:45 UTC+1, Nicholas Humfrey wrote:

On 2016-07-06 15:46, Filipe Nicoli wrote:
Ian, I guess mosquitto won't be supporting MQTT-SN for some time.
been on the table for long and the only broker I've seen around is

yours (and a dozen forks of your code).

I'm currently using Michal Foksa's fork, and even his is already 1

year without bug fixes or improvements.

I guess it would be beneficial to the project sticking to one
What do you think?


The main reason why I am interested in RSMB is because of the
support. It is easier to run a single server, than a MQTT server and

seperate MQTT-SN (UDP) gateway - less things to setup/go wrong.

I agree that multiple forks isn't ideal. I wasn't actually aware of
Michal Foksa fork when I sent my Pull Requests. Get the improvements

back into the main repo, would require going through the changes and

making sure they are approved by the Eclipse Legal process.


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