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Re: [mosquitto-dev] Errors running tests on (cross-compiled) target

Hi Roger.
Thanks - there was a niggling question at the back of my mind, that I should have fully twigged to, that those all have 'helper' in the name - I'd created my script to simply run '0*.py'!

Re the other, yes I compile with openssl support - so again a script fix needed.

FYI the changes I need in order to 'cross-run' the lib tests are:
    sed -i -e 's:"..\/ssl\/:"..\/..\/ssl\/:g' test/lib/*.py
    sed -i -e 's:"..\/ssl\/:"..\/..\/ssl\/:g' test/lib/c/*.c
    sed -i -e 's:"..\/ssl\/:"..\/..\/ssl\/:g' test/lib/cpp/*.cpp
because I install the c & cpp .py's/.test's into separate subdirectories, hence ssl is an extra level up

And for the broker tests
    sed -i -e "s:'..\/..\/src\/mosquitto':'mosquitto':g" ${D}${bindir}/mosquitto-test/broker/*.py
because I'm obviously needing to use the target's installed mosquito executable

(I also noticed that you're not far away!)

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Subject: Re: [mosquitto-dev] Errors running tests on (cross-compiled) target

Hi Colin,

> These 12 failing tests are:

These aren't separate tests, they are helper scripts for other tests.
If those are the only ones that fail it looks like you're good to go.

> The other fail is in

This one is only for if you've compiled without openssl support and hence the passwords would not be hashed - a bad idea of course! You don't need to worry about this one either.

I looked up your site, you're about the closest geographically of anybody that has been in touch on this list :)



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