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[mosquitto-dev] IPv6 + TLS support?


Does the Mosquitto library support IPv6 + TLS? From reading the code, it looks like the library is hard-coded to use IPv4 when WITH_TLS is defined.

See _mosquitto_try_connect in net_mosq.c:

memset(&hints, 0sizeof(struct addrinfo));

#ifdef WITH_TLS

if(mosq->tls_cafile || mosq->tls_capath || mosq->tls_psk){

hints.ai_family = PF_INET;




hints.ai_family = PF_UNSPEC;


We are writing an iOS app that talks to an IoT device over MQTT. When our app is connected to an NAT64-based network, it is unable to connect to our device over the Internet. The app connects fine if we set hints.aifamily to PFINET6 or PF_UNSPEC though. 

Is IPv4-only support intentional? Would we run into side effects if we permanently set hints.aifamily to PF_UNSPEC?



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