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Re: [mosquitto-dev] Mosquitto c++ lib unexpected disconnect.

Hi Roger,

The on message lead could actually be very relevant. 60 seconds is a lot of time, but you have got me on the lead of a related issue that we have seen that could be causing a list to incorrectly grow over time that the on message callback would be looping through. I will get back in touch with any updated! I can also try to find some time to try with another broker.

I still am curious though, lets say the on message callback somehow does take a ridiculously long time (which I would need to fix of course if that is happening), is there a reason that the connect callback never fires again that I could look into? It seems like it should still be able to fix itself within the mosquitto thread if a timeout did occur. I still find it especially odd that both netstat and rabbit show that the connection is till alive and that I can even successfully publish to the device and see the ack come back on the broker.

Thanks for the prompt response,
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