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[mosquitto-dev] Mosquitto PSK configuration



I wonder if I might ask a question, please?


Our company makes an MQTT client device, and we are running the Mosquitto broker on a number of servers. I’m working on encryption / security of our MQTT communications in our device firmware.


My current plan is to provide TLS, with one of the PSK cipher suites, on our device (PSK because our device is resource limited), which I think is supported by Mosquitto and OpenSSL. I know that I will need to define a PSK key file on the server(s) running Mosquitto, containing a number of identity-key pairs (my current thought is that this file will be modified/generated by our provisioning / manufacturing process).


My question is: what is the maximum number of identity-key pairs that can be defined in this file? Is there any practical limit?


Thanks for your help.




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