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[mosquitto-dev] Client receives PUBREC and MQTT disconnected


I am having problem with a particular MQTT client ID. When a client connects to Mosquitto using this ID, it immediately receives a PUBREC from the broker and then MQTT get disconnected:

2015-11-10 20:35:21.827 mqtt-test[58102:737651] === MQTT connected===
2015-11-10 20:35:22.329 mqtt-test[58102:737651] mosquitto log : Client 362f23d0-8906-11e5-99da-005056355a83 received PUBREC (Mid: 58)
2015-11-10 20:35:22.454 mqtt-test[58102:737651] === MQTT disconnected===

Log on the broker side:

testhost mosquitto[4911]: New client connected from ... as 362f23d0-8906-11e5-99da-005056355a83 (c0, k120). testhost mosquitto[4911]: Socket error on client 362f23d0-8906-11e5-99da-005056355a83, disconnecting.

The broker is mosquitto 1.3.5. The client uses libmosquitto in mosquitto 1.4.4.

Any help is appreciated.


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