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Re: [mosquitto-dev] Segfault on (end of) connection

Am 24.08.2015 um 23:02 schrieb Roger Light <roger@xxxxxxxxxx>:
>> I’m setting up Mosquitto 1.4.2 on FreeBSD 9 amd64, and I’m having trouble keeping it alive.  When I telnet to the port and close the connection, I get this on verbose log:
>> 1440371838: New connection from 2001:xxxx:f87a:7d6b:34df:caed on port 1883.
>> 1440371840: Socket error on client <unknown>, disconnecting.
>> Segmentation fault: 11
>> I haven’t found the core yet (it’s not in the current directory).
> I also get the problem if I set allow_anonymous false and have a client try to connect without username/password.Is it possible the bug reported here is the same as your problem?
> There is a patch there, if you could try it and let us know the
> outcome I would be grateful.

That does indeed appear to fix the problem: I can telnet to mosquitto without a crash, and trying to connect with paho with allow_anonymous false but no username/password also works.

When do you expect to roll this into a release?  For the time being, I could ask the FreeBSD port maintainer to add the patch to the FreeBSD package build.  If a release is imminent, I would just wait.


Stefan Bethke <stb@xxxxxxxxxx>   Fon +49 151 14070811

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