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[mosquitto-dev] bridges for dynamically assigned hosts.

TLDR: my thoughts about dynamic clustering of brokers.

hi, first post!
i'm enjoying playing with Mosquitto but
i'm looking for a little advice on the bast way to achieve the following:

my current hobby project has many small embedded nodes acting as MQTT clients.
a subset of these nodes are also brokers running on OpenWRT.
brokers advertise them selves via mDNS.
clients pick a broker at random from those currently online.
the brokers will all bridge to each other so clients connected to different brokers can communicate.

so far, so good.

where things become less obvious:
once this is all working i don't want to have to configure anything.
i would like the broker nodes to dynamically build the bridges with their neighbors.

currently under Mosquitto it's not possible to change the broker information of a running instance so
when new broker nodes come online i have no way to update the existing brokers bridge records.

possible solution 1:
re-generate mosquitto.conf periodically with the updated broker list and restart the mosquitto binary.
this is less drastic than it sounds because all clients already re-try other brokers in the event a broker drops off the network.
but it's an ugly solution. we can do better.

possible solution 2:
a binary running on *all* the broker nodes that acts as the bridge functionality.
something like this:
 - builds a list of all brokers on the network from mDNS information.
 - subscribes to "#/" on the broker and forwards all topics to all other brokers (having modified the topic with a "/broker/" identifier).
 - re-writes any incoming topics with the "/broker/" identifier in the topic (these will have been sent by other bridge programs) removing the "/broker/" identifier. it will need to keep a temporary record of these topics so it knows not to re-send when they are re-published.

this should work well but re-implementing the bridge functionality seems pointless when the Mosquitto broker already has most of what we need...
also, it's not possible to ask Mosquitto what topics are currently subscribed on a broker so i'll have to send *everything* *everywhere* unless we explicitly tell it which topics... (the current bridge implementation doesn't do any better though.)

possible solution 3:
modify the Mosquito codebase to allow dynamic updates of Bridges.
can any one tell me if this is on the roadmap for Mosquitto?
it would be useful for anyone trying to dynamically scale a cluster of Mosquitto servers without re-starting jobs.

presuming nobody has done any work on this already,
what would people's thoughts on an interface be?
re-writing mosquitto.conf and performing a SIGHUP would be closest to the current model...

can anyone with knowledge of the codebase suggest whether there is anything fundamental to the current bridging code that means it can't be modified while Mosquitto is running?
obviously we'll need to disable a bridge whle working on it. probably easiest to remove it completely, modify, then bring it up again from scratch... 

other tangents:
has anybody considered the possibility of modifying running config using an interface similar to "$SYS/#" ?
security would need to be handled carefully... but mosquitto.conf shows we can limit certain topics to certain users.
no reason something like this would have to be part of the main binary; a separate binary could subscribe to the control topic and build a new configuration file according to the results.

anyway, thoughts, suggestions, etc welcome.

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