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Re: [mosquitto-dev] Testing WS connection on

Sorry, that’s a typo in my mail. I’m using See below my debug trace. You can see that nothing comes back from the CONNECT request, my client has a read timeout which sends a PINGREQ, which gets no answer too.
Also, you can see the binary frame sent to the broker on WS : client >> Frame(fin=True, opcode=2, data="">
I don’t know if there’s a problem with this.

Note that the same test runs fine with TCP connection on port 1883 or 8883.

[2015-08-02 21:22:18,795] {} DEBUG - Connect to: ws://
[2015-08-02 21:22:19,050] {} DEBUG - client >> Frame(fin=True, opcode=2, data="">
[2015-08-02 21:22:19,050] {} DEBUG - 9f7af4be-b4eb-4f58-8982-45cd543cbb9c -out-> ConnectPacket(fixed=MQTTFixedHeader(type=1, length=48, flags=0x0), variable=ConnectVariableHeader(proto_name=MQTT, proto_level=4, flags=0x0, keepalive=9), payload=ConnectVariableHeader(client_id=9f7af4be-b4eb-4f58-8982-45cd543cbb9c, will_topic=None, will_message=None, username=None, password=None))
[2015-08-02 21:22:28,053] {} DEBUG - 9f7af4be-b4eb-4f58-8982-45cd543cbb9c Input stream read timeout
[2015-08-02 21:22:28,054] {} DEBUG - 9f7af4be-b4eb-4f58-8982-45cd543cbb9c Output queue get timeout
[2015-08-02 21:22:28,054] {} DEBUG - client >> Frame(fin=True, opcode=2, data="">
[2015-08-02 21:22:28,054] {} DEBUG - 9f7af4be-b4eb-4f58-8982-45cd543cbb9c -out-> PingReqPacket(fixed=MQTTFixedHeader(type=12, length=0, flags=0x0), variable=None, payload=None)

Le 2 août 2015 à 21:20, Jan-Piet Mens <jpmens.dns@xxxxxxxxx> a écrit : in order to test websocket connection.

Is that a typo? It's (singular), and it is currently
accepting Websocket connections on port 8080 for me.

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