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[mosquitto-dev] Debian repository on

Dear all,

There is some confusion regarding the Debian repository on, I'd like to clear it up.

The repository hosts packages for the Jessie and Wheezy distributions, both with architectures amd64 and i386. It also includes armhf packages for Jessie and Wheezy that have been compiled for the Raspberry Pi. There also used to be the armel architecture which was for the Raspberry Pi, but without hard float support, but it was very little used.

I could place the Raspberry Pi packages in a separate repository ( if needed, but I'd prefer not to.

I've pushed some updated packages to the repository today (and to the Ubuntu PPA). There are some important changes, namely introducing the mosquitto-dev package, which includes the mosquitto_plugin.h header file, and the conversion of the library packages to "multi-arch", which means it is possible to install multiple architectures on the same machine. This is the way of the future. It is possible that the packages have bugs in because of the these changes, so please let the list know if you have problems.



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