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Re: [mosquitto-dev] Building 1.4.2 on Ubuntu

Hi Sunny,

The unreleased branch of libwebsockets has a bug where it defines the VERSION macro, which is impolite behaviour for a library I would say. If you use mosquitto with a released version of libwebsockets it works just fine.

I would not recommend using an unreleased version of libwebsockets, the project is not shy about making ABI/API incompatibilities changes.



On 10 May 2015 17:06, "Sunny Leung" <sunny.leung@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

trying to build 1.4.2 from source with websocket support by setting WITH_WEBSOCKETS:=yes, results in the following errors,

mosquitto.c: In function 'main':
mosquitto.c:275:101: error: expected _expression_ before ',' token
  _mosquitto_log_printf(NULL, MOSQ_LOG_INFO, "mosquitto version %s (build date %s) starting", VERSION, TIMESTAMP);
mosquitto.c:290:54: error: expected _expression_ before ')' token
   snprintf(buf, 1024, "mosquitto version %s", VERSION);
mosquitto.c:368:88: error: expected _expression_ before ')' token
  _mosquitto_log_printf(NULL, MOSQ_LOG_INFO, "mosquitto version %s terminating", VERSION);

It compiled ok when WITH_WEBSOCKETS:=no.

Any ideas?



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