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Re: [mosquitto-dev] connect_async problem and advice publish/dedconnect needed

Hi Markus,

With connect_async I think the problem is a check for !=0 that should be >0. In lib/mosquitto.c around line 520 if you change "if(rc){" to "if(rc>0){" does your code work? In this case you should also only treat a >0 return code as an error.

With regards to sending messages, this is an entirely asynchronous process and for QoS>0 will depend on the speed that the broker responds at. You can be happy that your message has been sent once the publish callback has been called.



On Mon, Apr 27, 2015 at 2:18 PM, Bayerlein, Markus (I/AEV-23) <markus.bayerlein@xxxxxxx> wrote:

Hi there.


As already stated in the email subject, I encounter two problems with the Mosquitto library and hope for some advice.

1.     I can’t connect to an MQTT broker using ‘connect_async’. The return value of the function is ‘-1’ (= MOSQ_ERR_CONN_PENDING). The connack string returned is ‘Connection Refused: unknown reason.’ and the error string is ‘Operation now in progress ’ The broker I try to connect to is mosquitto (v1.4.1). Using ‘connect’ works fine.

2.     When I publish a message and disconnect immediately thereafter, the message sometimes is not sent (actually, it depends on the QoS: messages with QoS 0 or 1 are sometimes not sent, Qos 2 messages never) . If I do a sleep(1) before the disconnect, all messages are delivered correctly. I am sure there is a better solution than waiting for a second. How do I ensure that all messages are sent before a disconnect?


Thanks in advance



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