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Re: [mosquitto-dev] Is there anyway to subscribe clients/bridge DISCONNECT?

From the example mosquitto.conf file:


# Choose the topic on which notification messages for this bridge are

# published. If not set, messages are published on the topic

# $SYS/broker/connection/<clientid>/state



If you set a client-id for the bridge connection, I would think you would see the state change.  Does this help?



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Subject: [mosquitto-dev] Is there anyway to subscribe clients/bridge DISCONNECT?


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Hi all,


I have noticed that the broker starting with debug option "-v" it will print some clients/bridges connect/disconnect events and I want to "Is there any way to subscribe those events?"


All I want to do is when someone drop it's connection I could know and WILL message seems like to be worked only with "clients" but no broker in bridge mode.




YuLun Shih

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