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[mosquitto-dev] Running Python client from within a Qt framework

I am running into stability issues while integrating the Mosquitto python client into a plugin framework of a larger Qt Application (QGIS).

What does seem to work is a basic

connect() // With a long timeout wrapped by a QTimer to reconnect by calling connect again

Followed by:

loop()  // from within another QTimer event   (note loop_forever or loop_async causes the plugin's parent app to die)

However, calling disconnect or attempting to re/connect after a disconnection timeout puts the client into a funny state that it seldom recovers from.

Recovering from a server event/stop/start seems to be ok.  And I can stop the client by stopping the connection and loop timers while maintaining the connection.  But these steps seem to be an unnecessary work around; am concerned about stability issues; and am wondering what best practice is here. Thank you.

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