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[mosquitto-dev] Mosquitto - pub/sub problem


I successfully built/compiled from the Mosquitto source version 1.2.3. 
TheMosquitto broker is started I start mosquitto_sub and try sending messages with mosquitto_sub as:

mosquitto_sub -d -t sensors/value
mosquitto_pub -d -m "Test" -t sensors/value

however the subscriber doesn’t receive any message?

Outputs from publisher:

Client mosqpub/1899-clanton sending CONNECT

Client mosqpub/1899-clanton received CONNACK

Client mosqpub/1899-clanton sending PUBLISH (d0, q0, r0, m1, 'sensors/value', ... (4 bytes))

Client mosqpub/1899-clanton sending DISCONNECT

Outputs from subscriber:

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