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Re: [mosquitto-dev] 1.3 on OS X - no dice so far

> I can run mosquitto itself and it starts listening. Running either of the
> clients mosquitto_pub or mosquitto_sub fails, they appear to hang, and the
> broker never receives any connection. I also cannot use them to connect to
> any other broker, local or otherwise.


For the record, mosquitto_[ps]ub 1.2.3 work fine with the 1.3 broker.

I can't look into this deeply now, but sub_client.c hangs upon entering
mosquitto_connect_bind(); specifically in lib/mosquitto.c it doesn't get
past _mosquitto_socketpair().

If I add a printf() just before the 

        if(bind(listensock, (struct sockaddr *)&ss, sizeof(ss)) == -1){

in lib/net_mosq.c, I see the client goes into an endless loop.


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