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[mojarra-dev] Javax -> Jakarta plan


As part of the Jakarta EE 9 release we have to rename the java package in the JSF API project from javax.faces to jakarta.faces. It's set by the Jakarta EE Steering committee that this will need a major version update, so that would become JSF 3.0.

For Mojarra we had already started work for what we then thought to become 3.0 in the master branch.

In order to support the package rename for the API (and just the package rename) I propose the following.

1. Branch master to master_old
2. Delete the master branch
3. Branch the current 2.3 branch to master
4. Update the version of Mojarra to become 3.0.0-SNAPSHOT (not 3.0-SNAPSHOT)
5. Update the JSF API dependency to 3.0 (and to other Jakarta updated dependencies)
6. Adjust the code to use the jakarta.* package names, specifically the jakarta.faces package.

Kind regards,
Arjan Tijms

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