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Re: [mojarra-dev] How can I get committer access?

>>>>> On Thu, 14 Jun 2018 08:21:14 -0700, Ed Bratt <ed.bratt@xxxxxxxxxx> said:

EdBratt> You are already listed as an "initial committer" on the Mojarra
EdBratt> project proposal
EdBratt> <>. Once
EdBratt> you get your Eclipse account provisioning/password problems
EdBratt> worked out, you should have commit access. Once you have that
EdBratt> worked out, if you still aren't being connected for commit
EdBratt> access, you may need to file a bug (or take that up with Wayne,
EdBratt> whom you are already working with).

EdBratt> No further formal action should be needed for you to join this
EdBratt> project as a committer.



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