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[modisco-dev] MoDisco 1.5.1M2 amputations - UML2 and BIRT


It has become clear [1] that the MoDisco support for UML has been catastrophically broken since at least 2013, and probably since 2012 when UML2 4.0 changed the nsURI for the addition of UML 2.4 support.

In the absence of community support to rework the ATL transformations that have obsolete metamodel references, there is no point retaining functionality that can only waste user's time. UML2 support will therefore be amputated in three weeks time for 1.5.1M2. If you want to step up to retain UML2, please add a comment to [1].

It has also become clear [2] that the BIRT project is dead. BIRT was mostly removed from Eclipse 2019-12 leaving just the chartmodel plugins upon which MoDisco and others depend.

Since 1.5.1M2 will have a significant reduction in dead functionality wrt UML2, amputating BIRT will also happen in 3 weeks time unless a comment on [2] makes the case for retention.


Ed Willink


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