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[modeling-pmc] New BPMN2 component in MDT

The Modeling PMC has approved creation of a BPMN2 component as part of the MDT sub-project (see mailing list thread at Details on the new component can be found on Eclipsepedia at


The MDT sub-project will be accepting code contributions which involve the addition of a new committer on MDT. Details on this committer are as follows:


Yves Yang


As CTO of Omondo from February 2002 to February 2006, Yves was involved in designing and developing EclipseUML, the first commercial product built from scratch on JDT, EMF, GEF, and UML2, and the first EMF diagram modeler. While at Omondo, he also lead and helped develop EclipseJDO ( Since April of 2006, as CEO/CTO of Soyatec, he designed and developed eBPMN, the first design tool compliant with OMG BPMN 1.0, and has been leading and helping develop eFace, a platform-independent, technology-neutral presentation framework (see




Kenn Hussey
Program Manager, EA/Studio

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