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[modeling-pmc] Call today?

Title: Call today?

I put 2 tentative agenda items on the wiki for today’s scheduled call:

I don’t see either of these as urgent.  Please add any additional topics you’d like to discuss, or we can all decide to not have a call.

1. The Amalgamation proposal was submitted to the EMO, which prompted a change to our charter that Ed and I introduced to the Board last week.  There will be a vote next month to strike this line from our charter, “To ensure the scope of the project remains consistent within the modeling mission, the PMC will seek Eclipse board approval for the creation of new projects.”

2. On the topic of EclipseCon talks, we’ve selected all but 3 Long Talks and 1 Tutorial that were added to our track allocations recently.  We expect to accept these talks shortly, including Kenn’s on OMG Standards and Eclipse.

Tom Ritter let us know yesterday that he has no news regarding MDDi this month.

Richard C. Gronback
Borland Software Corporation
+1 860 227 9215

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