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Re: [modeling-pmc] New proposal - Textual Modeling Framework (TMF)

Hi Rich--

The proposal was still in draft form and just needed a review, and now that's been done. It should be "official" later today. Thanks.

Anne Jacko

On Nov 14, 2007, at 6:05 AM, Richard Gronback wrote:


Is there any progress on this proposal?  I don't see it listed on the
proposals page, and have not seen any form of notification email yet.  Or,
did I miss it?


On 10/20/07 6:28 AM, "Sven Efftinge" <sven@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Hi everybody,

we would like start a project proposal for a new project under the
eclipse modeling project.
It's name is "Textual Modeling Framework (TMF)" and it is intended to
become the natural
counterpart of the existing "Graphical Modeling Framework (GMF)".
Feedback is welcome and we hope you like it :-)

best regards,

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