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[modeling-pmc] RE: IP issues with MOFScript


#2 Regarding release reviews, here is the definitive document:

They are required for "each major release". In my experience, this means anything other than a bug-fix release. As an example, the Europa Fall Maintenance Release did not have a release review, as the release included only bug fixes.

#3 Regarding ANTLR, take a look at:

Especially, the Third Party Content section. I think that even though the foundation has approved ANTLR 3, you still need PMC approval, and then EMO sanction.

#4 Great! The org.modelware domain on the JAR is perhaps a problem. Ask the EMO.


Paul Elder
IBM Rational Software
Tel: +1-613-599-3916
E-mail: pelder@xxxxxxxxxx

Oldevik Jon <Jon.Oldevik@xxxxxxxxx>

2007-11-13 03:52 AM

Paul Elder/Ottawa/IBM@IBMCA, "Olsen Gøran K." <Goran.K.Olsen@xxxxxxxxx>
janet.campbell@xxxxxxxxxxx, PMC members mailing list <modeling-pmc@xxxxxxxxxxx>
RE: IP issues with MOFScript

I understand that there are several IP issues with the MOFScript code. They should not be too hard to resolve though. If we need to remove the MOFScript source in the meantime, we should do that. What about the binary downloads? Will they also have to be removed?
Concerning the problems/potential problems mentioned below:
1. Changing the namespace should be a minor problem and quickly to resolve.
2. Release reviews of MOFScript - is this needed before any source update/release?
3. Antlr 2 dependency approval: We will try to re-implement using antlr 3, so this approval will be superfluous.
4. The third party jar is in fact not a third party jar, but made as part of MOFScript....
Jon Oldevik
Research Scientist
Oslo, Norway

From: Paul Elder [mailto:pelder@xxxxxxxxxx]
12. november 2007 21:30
Oldevik Jon; Olsen Gøran K.
janet.campbell@xxxxxxxxxxx; PMC members mailing list
IP issues with MOFScript

Jon & Goran:

In our conversation last week, I indicated that there were possible IP problems with the MOFScript code. I have since confirmed these with Janet Campbell of the foundation.

Until they are resolved, the appropriate course of action is to remove the MOFScript source from the Eclipse CVS repository.

Confirmed problems:

1. Plug-ins, Features, and code use the org.sintef namespace. They should use the org.eclipse namespace.

2. MOFScript releases have been published on without doing a Release Review with the Eclise Foundation. See
3. The prerequisite on ANTLR 2.x needs approval by the PMC and the foundation. See: Note that ANTLR 2.x is not approproved for distribution by the foundation, but that ANTLR 3 (runtime) is.

Possible problems:

4. I can find no evidence that the third party JAR org.modelware.modelbus.adapter.frm.jar must be reviewed and approved by the Eclipse foundation. If you do not have documentation from the foundation approving this content, then it must be removed from CVS, and a IP request (CQ) must be submitted via IPZilla.

Note that all these issues must be addressed, regardless of whether a MOFScript move request is made.

Paul Elder

M2T Project Lead
IBM Rational Software
Tel: +1-613-599-3916
E-mail: pelder@xxxxxxxxxx

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