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[modeling-pmc] feedback on GMT web site

Modeling PMC,


Today, I was looking at the open Achitectureware project and in general the GMT project.   I don’t usually provide feedback on project specific branding and marketing but I thought compelled to do so in this case.
IMHO, from a branding and marketing perspective, the open Architectureware project looks out of place in the context of the Eclipse community.   They essentially look like they have parachuted in their existing project into an Eclipse project web page.  They actually also seem to have another project web site  I find it all very confusing and probably detrimental to the Eclipse brand.
If I look at the GMT site, it seems like the open architectureware scenario plays out again and again.   I see lots of project logos and cool names that seem to have very little to do with Eclipse?  The perception I am left with is that GMT is hovering up existing modeling projects but not really integrating them into Eclipse?  I think what you are doing is creating an incubator for new modeling projects, which is great, but in my opinion what you are communicating is something very different and will hurt the perception of the overall modeling project.
As I said, I usually don’t provide this type of feedback but in this case I just had to say something.   I’d be happy to discuss further and if you want.


Btw, when I went to try to find the PMC mailing list, the link on this page points to




Ian Skerrett

Director of Marketing

Eclipse Foundation

613-224-9461 ext. 227



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