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[mmt-dev] Looking for (lots of) transformations

Good evening, everyone!

Little introduction: my name's Pedro and I'm currently working on my final project for graduation. If anyone cares about the details of the project, they're in the end of the message.
Anyway, right now the focus is in collecting a considerable amount of transformations, in order to run automated tools to extract metrics. The thing is: the only repository we've found so far is the ATL Zoo, which has a sh*tload of transformations, but they're all in ATL. Since we'll eventually compare transformation, we'd like to have a bunch of them in QVTo too, as well as M2T ones (regardless of the language).

Cutting to the chase, I'm wondering if you guys know of another repository of transformations (preferably in QVTo), or would be willing to provide me with some transformations.

Thanks in advance,

PS: I also sent this message to another mailing list (qvto-dev). Since many of you probably subscribe to both lists, this PS is just to let you know I'm not spamming. :P

PPS: The goal of the project is to provide an analysis of how some requirements may be taken into consideration in projects following general MDD guidelines -- namely what should be considered when deciding whether to build PSMs (and other intermediary models) or to transform directly from PIM to code. We plan to do so with the aid of a set of metrics on the different transformations created in both case studies. The reason we need a large number of samples is to have statistical data to filter out the metrics useful for comparing transformations in different languages.

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