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Re: [mmt-dev] [ATL] Version numbers

Just merged the bugfixes from HEAD into 3_3_maintenance. Also bumped the version number service segment to 100 in HEAD where applicable, such that HEAD will always have a higher version number...

In the future, I'll make sure to backport bugfixes as soon as they are available ;-).


Op 18-09-12 09:50, William Piers schreef:
Hi Dennis,

I created the 3_3_maintenance branch just after the 3.3.0 release, but unfortunately I didn't backport anything from HEAD to maintenance since.
I'm afraid it is a bit too late now to do this as this is the RC4+2 day for Juno SR1 ("">).
Anyway when creating the maintenance branch I changed all the version numbers to 3.3.1. You can backport fixes in this branch if you need to, they will be available for Juno SR2.
Please let me know if you do so, before the end of january.



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