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[mmt-dev] [QVTo] GIT and Builds

Hi Sergey

QVTo seems to be in GIT ok.

I've configured a basic Buckminster build that does some quite promising things.

Test results are mixed.

On my Windows machine the non-UI tests have nine failures; seemingly all due to CR-LF issues; have these tests ever been run on Windows?

On Hudson the non-UI tests seem all ok except the ANT tests that need a bit of Hudson technology to fire off the extra ant-build.

On my Windows machine the UI tests are a 100% NPE disaster, but the _assert_disabled version are much more plausible.

On Hudson the _assert_disabled UI tests seem to be a disaster.

Rummaging around Hudson to see what worked on RC3, I cannot find the build. Three out of four Hudson jobs look like they need deleting. The fourth has dates correlating with recent releases but no Workspace or Test results.

Can you clean up the dead Hudson jobs, and point me to the RC3 build workspace.


        Ed Willink

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