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[mmt-dev] QVTo evolution

Hi Sergey

I'm keen to move QVTo on so that it exploits the new Eclipse OCL
- UML-aligned pivot model with reflection
- model-driven extensible standard library
- direct Java code generation
- specification-driven tooling for lexing, parsing, validation, CST/AST mapping (MMT/QVTo grammars/rules/mappings are shared with the QVT specification)

The immediate evolution of QVTd in accordance with requires an IOCLVM layer on top of the OCLVM. It seems sensible to align this with QVT's Imperative OCL rather than something random.

I would therefore like to start developing org.eclipse.qvto.examples.* plugins to support this. For Kepler, these would be 'released' as part of an examples feature. The goal would be to migrate everything to org.eclipse.qvto.* for Kepler+1.

Are you happy with this?


        Ed Willink

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