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Re: [mmt-dev] Development setup for QVTo


QVTo is easy. Just check all the plugins out of CVS, then close *.emof.*, *.ecore.* projects.

QVTo is going to have to move to EGIT before Dec 2012. The day of the Juno release is a good breakpoint.

Once QVTo is on EGIT, you can create a fork on GITHUB. If this is helpful we can get a move on.

If you're wanting to improve the current code you might want to contact nicolas.f.rouquette _at_ for a pre-release of his patch that may well already do what you want.


        Ed Willink

On 13/06/2012 15:07, Uwe Ritzmann wrote:

I would like to try to implement
as I think it is important that QVTo can be used to create
QVTo transformations.

How do I setup a development environment for that task?

The only description for a similar situation I found is for plain EMF:

Is this applicable to QVTo as well and is it up to date?

I'd rather not waste time experimenting with development setups that could be better invested directly into QVTo.

Many thanks in advance,


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