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Re: [microprofile-wg] [BALLOT][PLAN REVIEW]MicroProfile 7.0 - Voting ends April 1st

-1 (iJUG)


Doing a release for MP 7.0, that is not only based on Jakarta EE 10 Core Profile and instead based on Jakarta EE 9.1, is a bad design, as dependencies are outdated, will require a newer environment or try to be "compatible" with multiple environments that contain breaking changes, which will result in an unclean dependency tree and preventing testing against correct environment.

Loosely coupling things might sound well on the first view, as this is software architecture best practice, but in fact MP depends on Jakarta EE! Weakening these dependencies (instead of managing it) opens the door for randomness, which is the exact opposite of the intention of a specification. Not depending on something not required is good, depending on a wide range of required things is bad and wishful thinking only - specially regarding the next points: security and maintenance.

The fact, that (for a long time) known CVEs not patched in this umbrella spec release MP component specs - by intention - is really severe!
With this release plan security is a non-goal!

Current users of MicroProfile plan to continue/use it for serious projects, may be also in critical infrastructure. You might have heard about recent EU regulations (NIS2, CRA), that raises the bar regarding security requirements and liability. There are some exceptions for Open Source projects and foundations, but not for somebody who wants to do business with it.

With this in mind and representing a user organisation view, I only can vote against it.



Am 25.03.24 um 21:34 schrieb Emerson Castaneda via microprofile-wg:
To approve and ratify the Plan Review of the MicroProfile 7.0 Specification, a Steering Committee Representatives vote is requested. Please respond with +1 (positive), 0 (abstain), or -1 (reject).  Any feedback that you can provide to support your vote will be appreciated.

The MicroProfile Specification Process requires the Specification Committee and the Community to provide feedback during the approval process using the relevant documents:

This ballot runs for seven days, so it ends on April 1st, 2024. The ballot requires a Super-majority positive vote of the Steering Committee members.  There is no veto. Community input and Community votes are welcomed. However, only the votes delivered by Steering Committee Representatives will be counted.

Thank you
Emerson Castaneda on behalf of MicroProfile Steering Committee

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