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[microprofile-wg] Fwd: [microprofile] [DISCUSS] Rest Client & Fault Tolerance Ballots

Forward this email thread to the MicroProfile WG mailing list as per the request from Jan.

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From: dble...@xxxxxxxxxxxxx <Unknown>
Date: Monday, March 11, 2024 at 12:32:38 AM UTC
Subject: Re: [microprofile] [DISCUSS] Rest Client & Fault Tolerance Ballots
To: microp...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx <Unknown>

On Mar 7, 2024, at 10:25 AM, 'Emily Jiang' via MicroProfile <microp...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Thank you for starting this discussion and explaining your concerns! I looked into the Plan Reviews for the two specifications, consulted the spec teams and summarized the situation below.

Thank you so much for doing that!

1. For Rest Client Plan Review, they have the following issues in the new release that needs to utilize Jakarta Restful Web Services 3.1 (part of EE 10). The whole list can be found here.
I think this is a valid technical reason for the next release to base on EE 10.

Fully agree.  

2. For Fault Tolerance Plan Review, the new release is to integrate with Telemetry (aligning with EE 10 since version 1.0). However, Telemetry has no APIs so Fault Tolerance can still stay on EE 9.1. I will update the plan not to align with EE 10.

Also fully agree.  And of course, as this is a plan review things can change before final and EE 10 features may be leveraged.  If that happens we'd of course be completely supportive of adding the EE 10 dependency.

For other specs that do not use any new features from EE 10, I support your view that we should keep them on EE 9.1 until there is a need to use the new features from EE 10.

Fully agree.

Does this address your concerns, David?

Absolutely and thank you so much for the discussion and collaboration.

Thank you, Emily!

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