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[microprofile-wg] Opportunity for Funded Work on Official MicroProfile Tutorial

The Eclipse Foundation, on behalf of the MicroProfile Working Group, is looking for an individual or organization that is interested in entering into a services agreement to create an official MicroProfile Tutorial.

The tutorial is expected to comprise a set of web pages that will be available on It will, at a bare minimum, serve as an effective resource for introducing MicroProfile. This must include: 1) a broad overview of the MicroProfile platform, 2) sufficient detail on each of the specifications in the MicroProfile platform, 3) key features, 4) explanatory code snippets, 5) some running vendor-neutral code samples, and 6) resources to get started.

The tutorial will be written in the English language, and in such a way that future translations into other languages should be possible. It should also be designed for easy future expansion, to add increasing levels of detail, including for specifications that are not currently part of the MicroProfile platform.

If you are interested, please provide:
  • Description of the tutorial design and creation approach
  • Identification of who will perform the work (i.e., named project manager or technical writer)
  • The proposed time frame for this project
  • The proposed outcome for the work, including how to demonstrate the work has been completed
  • Explicit list of deliverables, including any interim deliverables
  • A proposed fixed price, not to exceed $11K USD

Please respond no later than November 10, 2023. Proposals can be sent to my attention at clark.roundy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. We would also be happy to answer any questions, either by direct email or a Zoom call.

Best regards,



Clark Roundy
Director, Product Marketing |
Eclipse Foundation

+1.801.750.9144 | | Twitter | LinkedIn | YouTube

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