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Re: [microprofile-wg] [EXTERNAL] Re: What about JVM Metrics in Semantic Conventions (was: Re: [BALLOT] [MicroProfile Metrics 5.1] - Release Review - VOTE by 6th Oct - (2 weeks))

Hi Ed,
I don't think it was blocked. Based on the OpenTelemetry roadmap, I think JVM Metrics was making good progress towards stabilisation. By the way, the coordination worked well. MP Telemetry team has started resourcing and investigating the Metrics and/or Logging integration. We will work with the OTel team on a regular basis. Thank you for your support on this!


On Thu, Oct 5, 2023 at 5:55 PM Edward Burns <Edward.Burns@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Hello Emily,


Thanks for the update.


Emily wrote:


In the meanwhile, MicroProfile Telemetry team has been working with OpenTelemetry community to speed the process of stablising the core Metrics parts. We plan to adopt OpenTelemetry Metrics and/or Logging in the next release of MicroProfile Telemetry.


Can you share your thoughts here on whether or not this coordination work with the OpenTelemetry community is blocked? And if it is blocked, why? Can we strategize here how to unblock it? If the work is not blocked, that’s good for me to know also.






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