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[microprofile-wg] MicroProfile Working Group Elections - Coming Soon!

All: Eclipse Foundation Working Group Charters identify the key committees that drive the various facets of each Eclipse Working Group for which there are annual elected positions to be filled.

In the case of the MicroProfile Working Group Charter, it indicates there is one committee, Steering Committee, with an elected position to represent Committer Members.

Corporate Members each have a representative appointed to the Steering Committee and thus Corporate member companies do not participate in this election.

The Eclipse Foundation plans to hold the 2022 MicroProfile election on behalf of the working group starting on October 3rd with a view to having the election complete prior to the end of October. 

Please note the following election phases:

  1. Working Group Election Announcement

  2. Nomination Phase (Call for Nominations)

  3. Nomination Acceptance Phase (Confirmation, Bio’s and Pictures Submissions to EF)

  4. Notice of Candidates Standing Phase

  5. Ballot Distribution Phase

The approximate timelines for each of the phases will be announced in the email during the first week of October.

The election process will follow the Eclipse “Single Transferable Vote” method, as defined in the Eclipse Bylaws.

All members are encouraged to consider nominating someone for the position, and self-nominations are more than welcome!  Nominations must be received to the general mailing list by required deadlines in order to be considered.   Please wait for the official announcement before doing so.

Membership Nomination Eligibility:

Committer Members are those who are engaged in projects under the purview of the working group are eligible to stand for election. Committers may be considered members by virtue of either a) being employed by a working group corporate member, or b) an individual committer who has executed the MicroProfile Working Group Participation Agreement (For Individuals).

Ballots will be distributed via email to the members of the constituency eligible to vote. Should a situation arise where a tie occurs, then a tie breaker will be performed virtually.  Please note that ballot distribution will be provided by the Eclipse Foundation via a third party election service.

Stay Tuned!

Sharon Corbett
Program Director, Working Group Operations
Eclipse Foundation

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