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Re: [microprofile-wg] Vote on MicroProfile Telemetry configuration

Q2 Option A: Defining own (like mp.telemetry.enabled) configuration +1 (iJUG)
Q2 Option B: Using existing otel configuration -1 (iJUG)

In Q1 we already decided to have OpenTelemetry support switched off by default (for good reasons at the moment).
Using a different default behaviour - exactly the opposite (!) - in different environments (Microprofile and non-MicroProfile) is not expected by the users!
As we decided to reuse Otel-Namespace inside MicroProfile in Telemetry, we know we can wrap things and enhance or deviate by using the MicroProfile namespace if necessary - the inverted default value of this specific configuration is an example were we have to do this to be explicit in this case!

When jumping into a Otel car, the engine is running by default and there is a button to switch it of with the label "Engine off", while pressing it, the engine got turned off.
When jumping into a MicroProfile Telemetry car the engine is turned off by default. The button with the label form above "Engine off" would confuse me - I would expect a button with the label "Engine on" onto the panel to start the car!

Why voting here:
Google Groups are not the right tool to vote - it is a proprietary tool and limits the access to it (not all organisations allow it's use internally). Also the voting history is not guaranteed.
It may be used additionally but not in important tasks, that should be open to all the WG members.
Details to the use of tools are already defined in the Eclipse Foundation Working Group Operations Guide:

Other Resources and Services:


Am 27.07.22 um 14:50 schrieb Emily Jiang via microprofile-wg:
Just a note to say that a voting is happening on the MicroProfile googlegroup. Please vote there if possible. If not, please cast your vote here.


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