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[microprofile-wg] [BALLOT][COMPLETE] Ballot result for Release Reivew of MicroProfile GraphQL 2.0

I declare this ballot complete and approved. I've marked the corresponding issues as approved. The project team and Steering Committee may now engage in completing the release.

The summary of the votes is below.

RepresentativeRepresentative for:Vote
Summers Pittman, Vincent MayersAtlanta JUG+1
Emily Jiang, Nathan RauhIBM+1
John Clingan, Roberto CortezRed Hat+1
David Blevins, Amelia EirasTomitribe+1
Chandra Guntur, Michael RedlichGarden State Java User Group+1
Ed Bratt, Dmitry KornilovOracleno vote
Jan WesterkampiJUG+1
Kenji Kazumura, Takahiro NagaoFujitsu+1

Non-binding votesRoleVote


Emily Jiang on behalf of MicroProfile Steering Committee

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