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[microprofile-wg] MP Metrics and a General Position Statement

We have discussed which direction the MP Metrics specification should move in the Metrics group for the last few months.

Before going into Red Hat’s decision around MP Metrics, I think it’s important for everyone to understand Red Hat’s position around participation within Eclipse MicroProfile. I think we’ve been pretty consistent on this since we helped create the effort back in 2016 so it shouldn’t come as a surprise to some people but we have a lot of new members and vendors these days who may not be that aware.

Red Hat supports MicroProfile adopting industry initiatives that sufficiently address MicroProfile needs. If needs are not sufficiently addressed and an industry initiative is open to collaboration, Red Hat proposes working within those initiatives to address MicroProfile needs and not having MicroProfile appear to compete with them by creating its own specification. This enables large organizations like Red Hat to focus resources on a single initiative and provide vendor and user consistency across the multiple platforms and runtimes they support. It also helps to encourage collaboration and participation across communities, which can only be a good thing. Through this approach, we believe that MicroProfile can also extend its influence.

From our understanding, the current proposal is to closely align the MP Metrics API with Micrometer to simplify implementation integration. However, MP Metrics consumers would still use MP Metrics annotations and APIs, and it is up to the implementations to use Micrometer or something else. Two significant efforts are happening right now, Micrometer and OpenTelemetry Metrics. Instead of doing our own thing, we could join these communities and help shape the Metrics space. From the Red Hat perspective, MP should join other communities (as proposed for OpenTelemetry in the Observability space).

If our understanding of the proposed approach is correct then it is clearly at odds with Red Hat’s position stated earlier and as a result, Red Hat would have to step away from MP Metrics.



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