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[microprofile-wg] MicroProfile Steering Committee Committer Member election notice

Edwin reminded me a couple weeks ago that we are getting close to the end of the working year and that we need to start thinking about the annual Committer Member election. Committer Members are defined in the MicroProfile Charter. Thanks Kevin for digging up the dates - last year we started the committer member vote on Dec 14th and ended Dec 21st, and we requested volunteers on Dec 3rd.This year, although I suggest starting the election on Monday, December 6th although we could potentially push it out to December 13th. I'm putting this out there to give interested parties more time to consider joining the MicroProfile Steering Committee as a committer member. When ready, reply to this email stating interest in running in the election.

Note: Only MicroProfile committers are eligible. Also, I believe last year we had a general agreement, much like in the Jakarta EE WG, that committer members should not be employees of (or members of in case of JUGs) current Corporate Member organizations. MicroProfile committers vote for Committer Members.

Feel free to comment on the vote date and the corporate member agreement.

Paul, do you have anything to add? I think that Committer Members would have to sign the MPWG individual participation agreement. Anything else?


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