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[microprofile-wg] Q4 Marketing Plan

Hello MicroProfile Team!

As many of you know, we have been working on a Q4 marketing plan and strategy to optimize the use of the remaining 2021 budget. Based on our brainstorming session and additional inputs, we now have a solid plan that can be executed against in a relatively timely manner. This plan is designed to help drive the working group 2021 program objectives and includes:

1. Website SEO/Optimization Strategy
2. Microfile 5.0 Launch Campaign
3. Event Participation
4. MicroProfile Branded Gear/Swag

The plan can be viewed here

As we do need to move quickly to put this plan into motion, I would like to propose that we discuss and finalize during the next MP marketing meeting on Monday October 25th. 

Please reach out anytime with questions and/or feedback. Thanks to all of you for the input so far. Let's make it happen and close out the year strong!

Have a great weekend,



Clark Roundy

Director, Product Marketing | Eclipse Foundation

+1.801.750.9144 | | Twitter | LinkedIn | YouTube

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