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[microprofile-wg] [ Sept 20th call ] completed Agenda MPWG Trademark & Compatibility

September 20th 

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MicroProfilers: [add yourself to the minutes & help with the write-up]

  • Amelia Eiras (Tomitribe)

  • Ryan St James (Tomitribe)

  • John Clingan (Red Hat)

  • Shanda Giacomoni (Eclipse Foundation)

  • Sharon Corbett (Eclipse Foundation)

  • Emily Jiang (IBM)

Agenda: MPWG Trademark & Compatibility

  • [Chris, Ryan, Amelia ] [Infra- SurveyMonkey] Logistics #568, Chris (EF Infra Master replied) about SurveyMonkey set up

    • Ryan will research if Chris’ recommendation has ranking voting and share the findings via the git issue. 

    • Ryan will help draft the Personally Identifiable Information (PII) that states Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) document which should describe what kinds of PII data you will be collecting and for what purposes. the draft with what SurveyMonkey usage will need review. 

    • 3 seats (EF, Admins & Access) will be created as soon as the above tasks are completed. 

  • [Manish, Amelia ] [Trademark] Branding & Trademark Guidelines #58  Manish will insert the Implementation Patent into the Guidelines.

    •  Sharon explained that no legal review has started on the Trademark Guidelines yet. 

    • The Trademark Office is preparing to do the work but that doesn’t mean that the budget has been utilized for the review of the trademark guidelines yet. 

    • The EMO awaits for the MPWG to deliver via the WG forum the documents and items so that they can take over. 

    • MPWG process with the initial operational mindset on Trademark work:  discuss via public forums, create resolutions, vote and deliver the items via public means to the EMO. :) 


  • Sharon will add a Due Date (ETA) column right to the git issue column. 

  • With due dates listed and agreed upon, we can track progress on the final items needed as Q4 arrives. 

  • Community Forum - Open Discussion about Compatibility Program: Membership requirements. David’s quote:  “We want to impose an additional requirement that the organization is a member of the MicroProfile Working Group.  If they must be a member, then what form of membership is required: Corporate membership, Committer Membership, Guest Membership.”

  • EMO says “Our position is that being a member of the working group is a requirement to use the compatibility logo as well as passing the TCK and other requirements that may be included in the trademark usage guidelines for the MicroProfile Compatibility and Branding Program.”  

Feedback on EMO Statement in the thread and also via this minutes:

9/17 by Scott Stark’s comments: 

“Red Hat strongly disagrees with this position. In the same vein that TCKs should not gate access to the patent grants associated with specifications, membership in the working group should not gate access to who can certify an implementation. If the EF cannot fund the associated management of the brand with the existing budget, then make the costs explicit and add a line item to the budget for it.” - Scott Stark


We agree with Red Hat’s position. 

  • Row 27 under EF Ongoing Support: Trademarks maintenance and enforcement applies

    • Sharon explained nicely how that work happens in today's discussion. 

    • There is no confusion about why the task belongs only to the EF group. 

  • What is the difference between row 27, Trademark maintenance & row 28 Administration of the Branding and Compatibility Program? 

    • Sharon understands after today’s discuss why the 2 descriptions “maintenance” in 27 and “administration” in 28 are similar and not explicit. 

    • The EMO will bring transparency to the 28 items in the next few weeks. 

  • Ideally, we want and wish the MPWG to manage how it uses its Trademarks, for example, swag, designs, etc without the EF doing that work. 

    • The discussion will continue as soon as the EMO provides explicit reasoning as to why row 28 Administration and Branding must be a task, only, of the EMO. 

  • Follow-ups:   Yearly cost will be a constant under the budget, how much? - Already followed in the thread the question

  • Follow-ups on rows 27 & 28 via the community forum. 

  • Feedback by Shanda, Marketing at the EF WG Services.   Engaging the Eclipse Foundation marketing team - email marketing@xxxxxxxxxxx or tag @shanda-eclipse on GitHub

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