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[microprofile-wg] SurveyMonkey for MicroProfile Working Group


On MicroProfile Marketing Call from Aug 30, it was decided to ask Eclipse Foundation to provide us with a SurveyMonkey account.

The community requires:

  • 1 admin account to make and manage the needed configurations and polls (e.g. survey-admin-microprofile@)
  • 1 view account to track the results (e.g. survey-view-microprofile@)

The access to the admin account will be initially provided to Ryan (Tomitribe) and Edwin (Committer Representative).
The access to the view account will be provided to all community members.

We need to get approval from Eclipse Foundation that such accounts can be created or if we need to consider other options, as well as what will be the price for this tool considering the mentioned configurations.

Also, for each account type we'll need to create emails with joint access (e.g. survey-admin-microprofile@ and survey-view-microprofile@).

The task can be tracked and commented within the git issue

Best regards,



Tetiana Fydorenchyk
VP of Marketing @ Jelastic

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