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Re: [microprofile-wg] [BALLOT] MicroProfile Compatibility Logo Community Voting. Request vote by August 24th.

-1 (iJUG)

Sorry for putting some salt into the soup:

Regarding to letting the community to vote for the logo I would vote for a strong +1.

But regarding the tooling and use I have to vote with -1:

Voting and service use are defined in the EF Working Group Operations Guide in general: (SurveyMonkey not already listed here so falls under "other")

The intention is, as far as I know, to make the vote result for choosing the logo be transparent at end of the voting period only - not during the ongoing ballot.
The Eclipse Foundation AISBL as legal entity operating the MPWG is located in Europe and must follow the GDPR.
This means the EF must have take care of use of personal data (i.e. Names, Email, IP) according to GDPR by contracts with all entities processing the personal data - which is on my opinion impossible now with corporations form the US since the last decisions of the European courts...

Another option is to let all user opt-in and accept the terms of the service - but sharing the personal data before (let all users of the Google Groups get invited or checked for being allowed to vote by the external service) it not allowed!
Instead a list where users register themself in an informed way could be an option or filter valid votes from the result data outside the external service.

Another low barrier level option to get the voting done would be to send the votes via email to the EMO with a special address (when this server fulfil the requirements mentioned above).

Of course there is a difference in getting opinions instead of making ballots and also agree in a small group to rules of the group to fulfil the role within it - but I think, when the intention is to get a vote by the wide community, we should not establish barriers that prevent parts of community to vote or even the risk to create legal issues.

I think having a GDPR conform tool allowing hidden votes available as a service by the EF would be nice in the future, may be where it is only necessary to login in with the Eclipse account?


Am 18.08.21 um 03:50 schrieb John Clingan:
During a prior marketing meeting, and generally discussed in the Live Hangout as well, we agreed to allow the community to vote on the compatibility logo from the list of options in the attached PDF, with additional information available in a git issue   We agreed to run it by the Steering Committee for a vote for formal approval.

Additional information:

* The compatibility logo applies  MicroProfile Platform specification only.

* Future discussions will decide if the logo will also apply to component and standalone specifications.

* MicroProfile Google Group subscribers are eligible to vote

* Survey Monkey will be used to conduct the vote

* Please vote by Tuesday, August 24th

Please vote on the ballot text below.


RESOLVED, the MicroProfile Steering Committee approves that the outcome of the MicroProfile Platform Compatibility Logo community voting will be a binding vote.

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